by Mike Schwager

The message of the One begins with the illumination that all is of the One, that each and all is endowed at the deepest core of Being with the wisdom, knowledge and creative intelligence of the Divine Presence, the Divine Subtle Essence of the Universe. Love, Peace, Unity and the existence of an invisible Reality that transcends our physical senses and perceptions are part of the primary message of The Great Emanation. This was the message heard by Abraham over five thousand years ago, delivered to Moses on the mountain known as Sinai, played out of the flute of David on the Hills of Judea, sung by Solomon in the Great Temple of Jerusalem, taught by Buddha, and brought by Jesus.

The message of the One is not the message of sameness. It is the message of extraordinariness. We receive it not with fear, but in that place where exultation crosses paths with humility upon the receipt of a transmission from the Unified Field of Consciousness, from Divine Essence and Divine Instruction.

It is not the message of a Love based on conditionality, but on absolute acceptance and unconditionality. This is a blissful and heartfelt Love felt as a limitless well of lifegiving the joyful odes to Spring sung by gleeful sparrows having overcome the long winter's infinite warm rays of a nourishing Sun seeping into cool blossoming buds hungry for the Light. It is not the banal message of a mere Peace as the absence of War, but a Peace filled and fired with the Divine Spirit of God, the One, our Creative Source...a Peace that is the Vessel which allows for the Emergence of something extraordinary to be revealed.

And what is that revelation? Its wellspring sources from Spirit through the deepest, most divine sparks of creative knowingness from the core of our Beingness and Souls.

We are each individualized, holographic-like expressions of the infinite creative Source and Spirit and Power of the One. We have sojourned through time and space on this Earthplane level of existence to come to a point of convergence: a convergence of human experience, of trials and errors, of a multitude of learning lessons, to point us to that which works and does not work.

War does not work. Holocausts and genocide do not work. Murder does not work. Starvation and hunger do not work. Racism does not work. Bringing children into the world who we're unable or unwilling to love does not work. Treating our elders with the contempt of neglect, indifference or abandonment does not work. Indifference towards our homeless brothers and sisters does not work. Greed does not work. Economic exploitation of the Haves versus the Have Nots does not work. Hatred and judgement of others or of self does not work. Unconscious projection of our own problems onto others does not work. Competition that hurts or destroys our fellows does not work. Hierarchies within companies and organizations that repress and stifle growth for those on lower levels of the ladder do not work. Manipulation and control of others does not work. Rape, molestation and all forms of physical and emotional abuse do not work. Disrespect for our environment or other life forms does not work. Not making our children feel seen, loved and respected does not work. Getting locked into perfectionistic moments that keep us from moving beyond them does not work. Anything that enslaves, constricts or prohibits our growth does not work.

As we've learned what does not work, we've learned over and over again that the truths of Love and Peace and Unity and the acceptance through faith and meditative direct experience of a Higher, Transcendent and Divine Subtle Essence and Power do work.

And in all of what does not work, in all violations of the Spirit, we learn that when I hurt another...or myself, I truly hurt myself, for we are all connected to the sacred One, and in that context, I am You and You are Me. And it is so true that we cannot completely and totally love another until we learn to love ourselves. Our first responsibility is to self, but not our last. By natural flow, love radiates out to our fellow humans, and it extends to the non-human, but also so precious life forms on our planet. Life must support and embrace Life!

We've also learned that the quest to survive has often worked on overload and a misperception of necessity born of ignorance and foolishness, yes, even insanity. With this, the greatest insanity would be to ignore the fact that inherent in every individual, is the capacity for evil; and that the "devil" as well as the "angel" exists in every human. When we ignore the shadow, it lurks in us. When we accept it as a suppression of life force and energy, and begin to feel our feelings and have all our expression, we can then forgive ourselves with compassion, and find ways to channel this energy creatively and constructively. As we begin to integrate it and deal with it consciously and responsibly, we can also move on with our lives. The greatest arrogance is that of the "Elmer Gantry" who speaks with self-righteousness in the face of denial.

We must also ask ourselves, what core value moves us and causes us to act in our lives? As we look at our society, the sad conclusion is that there is a principle of selfishness and greed based on the primacy of materiality that lies embedded within too many of us at a deep level. This principle of materiality is not part of the Message of the One. We do believe in an abundance consciousness of Spirit that affirms the right of every human being to enjoy material abundance in their lives. But acting out of the primacy of a materality principle creates a great sickness that says that human beings are commodities, that the point of all relationships is to "get" something; and that if there is no "getting" there is no point to the relationship. When we view our fellow humans as means to an end, rather than as ends in themselves, the relational value between us becomes empty and meaningless. We feel unloved, invalidated as Beings.

When we're viewed as human cargo in our places of employment rather than as precious beings who come to this place to develop our potential to the utmost, we feel pointless, exploited and used. When we conditionally love our children based on their marks in school, or on the football field, how can they feel the unconditional acceptance they so deeply yearn for? When we judge friends, lovers and spouses based on what they've done for us lately, how can such a relationship endure? This principle needs to be replaced by the principle of love, caring and hopefulness, based on our recognition that every human being has an innate, inviolable right to BE as an end in his or herself. The human/creative development of that being is a natural progression that does not validate that human's value or right to exist. It is simply a God-given organic truth that flows out of our Being. When we accept this as what's so, then we can understand the pain of so many people who feel unloved, unappreciated, unaccepted at the deep level of Being. We can then also reject those who successfully capture this pain of millions and then twist its meaning by unfairly deriding and blaming others who've caused this pain. Hitler came once. He must never come again.

With respect to this pain, we've learned that we can empower ourselves to make new decisions, and that no one ever needs to be the victim of circumstance again...but that he or she, and we, must change the circumstance in order to remove the victim. In order to do this, we've learned that if we lack self-esteem, if we feel an absence of love of self, and if we feel loveless, we must and we can work to clear ourselves of distorted and negative belief systems about ourselves so that we can get in touch with the magnificent God-created Being inside who yearns to shine through our conditionalities. Once in contact with that extraordinary self, we come to discover that the extraordinary in us is us. If we believe that the world is unable or unwilling to support us, we must replace that distortion with a new belief: "The world and my fellow humans want to love and support me; and I am open to receiving this love and support!" And...we must accept the fundamental fact of our existence. I exist! Dear Descartes, the truth is in reverse: I am, therefore I think!

To have come to "hit bottom," to discover what doesn't work, and even to repair these ills, is not to say that Life has yet moved towards the fulfillment of its highest purpose. This has been the prelude. Because those are old stories, and the learning lessons of those stories simply means we've come to the end of an old book. The last chapter of that book does point the way to something new, but we must now embark on a new script, a new writing of a new book...and a new beginning. We've heard echoes of this something new in the utterances of our great prophets, philosophers and poets. And now a new convergence of experience, science & technology and emergence of consciousness, spirit & imagination among a substantial critical mass of beings is about to birth a new beginning.

This new beginning bears the seeds of the most ancient answer to the raison d'etre for our existence here on Earth as humans. We are created Beings, part of a vast and endless ocean of Creation. We have emerged out of the transcendental and great Mystery of the One, of That which creates, but is not absorbed by Its Creation. We have slowly, sometimes agonizingly slowly, learned to hear the Voice of this One, and the greater the degree of our ability to Hear, to Intuit, to Sense, to be impregnated and in alignment with this Ultimate Wisdom and Power, the greater our ability to be in the Flow and to express ourselves creatively and spiritually in our own unique ways.

And what we are discovering, and what is being revealed to us, is that this One, which created us and out of which we were created, is the Divine Presence, the Divine Subtle Essence and Supreme Creative Being of the Universe...and that as created beings, we are by Divine Right, creative beings. And that it is the intention of the One that we express ourselves creatively, and that the keys to the riddles and complexities of Life and to the healing of our pain lies in the fullest self-expression, self-realization and self-actualization of the divine creative spark within us. The One, our God, intends and mandates for us to be Creative Beings, for by so being, we express His/Her will and intention and essence through us: to uniquely express our individualized selves in unique and creative ways. Ways that are gifted to us as our birthright from the deepest cores of our Souls and Beings. Ways that can be fathomed by listening to the inward desire, the inward calling.

The great task before us is to bring an energy forward that will encourage the actualization of this human potential as CREATIVE POTENTIAL. And that with the day when every human on this planet is so honored by others and by self to have come to the point of being able and willing to understand this creative, spiritual birthright and to express it in the world, we will have come to a day of a new beginning for our human race and our planet.

Just as we align with the One to express Divine Intention through the creative act, so we must accept the great responsibility of our birthright to make choices in freedom, with the Divine intention that we accept responsibility for being first at cause, and secondarily in effect, of these choices in our lives. Thoughts are things, and we can take responsibility for our thoughts, accepting those which are constructive and positive; rejecting those which are destructive and negative. This requires a great deal of self-discipline and awareness, but ultimately, to know we can do this is tremendously liberating.

We are spiritual beings having a human experience, and as individualized spiritual expressions of The Great Spirit, we must act with purpose. The world is set before us and it has become clearer than day that this world is a mirror of our choices. We can act passively, reactively or unconsciously, and the world shows up as chaotic. We can make conscious choices with a Mind and no Heart, disconnected from the One, and we create a world of calamity and potential holocausts. When we consciously direct our choices from the place of accepting responsibility for being at cause in the condition of our lives and the world around us in alignment with the intention and instruction of the One, we express Divine Will through our wills, and begin the process of bringing Heaven to Earth.

One of the great gifts of Ernest Holmes’ legacy through Science of Mind is to encourage each human being to take responsibility for being at cause in his or her personal life and the life of the community and the world-at-large. To be successful in this endeavor, we are mindful of the need to create vehicles that will not only support each individual's creative development, but that will also inspire that person to go out and take some action in the world that will support the life of the local or global community. We must see the world of science as our friend, and the ally of revealing truths that enable us to create in physical reality systems and methods of life-enhancement that the heart and intuition embrace in our spiritual knowingness. Yes, we must encourage the creation of life-enhancing, love-enhancing communities, ones that support a core principle of love, hope and the treatment of every human being as precious as he or she is.

We cannot envision the awesome effect of this great celebration of our Beingness and Creative Birthright Expressed and Fulfilled on a global scale as unique individuals, who in freedom have come to this point of self-realization, expression and fulfillment and who have, together, accepted responsibility for being at cause and being in community. For as the whole is always greater than the sum of its parts, the emergence of this new Whole, on a collective level based on the Divine Flow of the One working through every single human being on our planet, as in the creation of a great Tapestry or the workings of a great Symphony, while outshining anything yet possible to imagine in our Minds and Hearts, has nonetheless been the great embedded prayer lying in the deepest recesses of our minds and hearts for eons.

"We are here to fulfill our Dreams." Those were the words that an eight-year old heard one night as I lay flat on my back on a country green meadow gazing at the stars and in touch with the gentle farther reachings of my soul. Entering into alignment and harmony with the One opens our eyes to Its fundamental intention: convergence, unity, and individualized fulfillment of our Dreams and creative expressions and missions. What emerges is also the sense that we must ever leap forward with Faith, Trust and Openness into the mystery and the unknownness of the newness that will ever take shape in the unfoldment of our expression and coming together, piece by piece and moment to moment.

This emergence will represent something really new, not a repetition of the cycles of human history but a new integration and a new story of Spirit manifesting unabashedly and primally and gloriously as creative essence through each and every human life on this planet - the culmination of the original design in Divine Intention from even before the dawn of time now reaching exalted new heights of expression. God awaits us to co-create with Him/Her by accepting our role in Conscious Evolution: our creative birthright and ability to consciously and responsibly act from the place of causation.

On that Cosmic Fourth of July, a new level of celebration and emancipation will have been reached. But even that will not be the end but the bearing of the seeds of yet another new beginning, for there is no end-point of perfection in God's organic design, though all creation is perfection in being and process, and with ever-emerging new points arising, each of which represents a portal into new possibility and new completion.

And so we have come to the point to decipher the next pieces in the message of the One, and when these pieces are put together, this message reads, "Unfolding Co-creation through Love & Peace in the fulfillment of our Dreams, committed to the world through action and being at cause, centered in the Heart in the building of life-enhancing and love-enhancing communities, in the midst and presence of the Real and Living and always moving Spirit, empowered by the invisible and transcendent Supreme Creative Force of the Universe."

We, put here on Earth to work through our own Salvation, gifted as we have been by the Divine Source, and graced by that Source if we allow ourselves to open ourselves to its sublime power, are the bearers of that message. We are the carriers and beneficiaries of a great, shimmering and unimaginably exciting future, as we move towards Illumination in the exciting, ever-present moment of that Real we call Now.

Mike Schwager is Founder, President and Editor-in-Chief of This article was written in 1991.