Interview with Isha

Author of Why Walk When You Can Fly

How would you describe your book Why Walk When You Can Fly?

The beauty of Why Walk When You Can Fly is that it provides a simple “how to” guide for the expansion of consciousness that teaches the reader how to love themselves unconditionally. The tools within the book, known as “facets”, expand consciousness very rapidly, allowing you to take this inner experience into your everyday life. The book gives you the answer to one very profound question that is essential to the life of any human being, and that is, what does it mean to love myself?


What inspired you to write it?

My entire focus is on elevating the consciousness of humanity. I believe that when each individual finds unconditional love of self within the profound experience of what I call “love-consciousness” – the place of inner fullness and freedom that exists within all of us – that the hostility and conflicts of the world will start to fall away by themselves. When we realize that our true essence is unconditional love – that we are all that love and that in reality there is no separation between us –that love will expand to a point where our apparent differences will no longer hold such precedence over how we interact with each other. We will embrace each other’s differences as unique expressions of beauty.

My teachings have touched hundreds of thousands of people throughout the world, but I have always taught the Isha System in a two day Seminar. I have trained 50 teachers in Latin America, who travel constantly, teaching and giving support to our students. The book provides a way of touching the English speaking public en masse, and opening them to the possibility of practicing this system.

What is the Isha system?

The Isha system is my recipe for absolute freedom. Its contents emerged from my consciousness on my path towards enlightenment. The system is simple, based in honesty, integrity and love. It works on both the physical and emotional levels, but most importantly, it expands the experience of love-consciousness. I think one of the beautiful aspects of the system is that anyone can use it; it has no doctrine or belief systems. It brings each individual home to themselves, home to their own truth, and empowers them to start making life-altering choices.

Usually we are taught to analyze; to focus on trying to fix what we perceive as wrong within ourselves and the world, but this system works in the opposite direction; it teaches us to focus on the present moment, on love and perfection. Then, as the vibratory level elevates, everything that exists on a lower frequency starts to fall away. It is simple, powerful and fast: ideal for modern people with busy lives. It’s not about learning something new; in reality it’s about erasing all that’s based in fear, and coming back to a profound experience of joy, peace, and innocence. These experiences are the true nature of consciousness.

How do the Isha facets work?

They cause coherency between the right and left hemispheres of the mind. Instead of being constantly controlled by the raging of the left hemisphere - what I call the matrix of the intellect - we start to experience a profound peace and silence within our hectic modern lives. We become masters of our minds, but from a joyful place. We start to listen more earnestly to the omniscience of the heart. The heart lives in union, not in conflict. The heart comes from omniscience, not from doubt and confusion. The heart is steadfast, and permanently anchored in love. When we experience this, we can start extending it to all of our surroundings; family, work, society, creating a truly harmonious existence. We also start to explore beyond the boxes of our realities and open ourselves up to be more creative, more dynamic, realizing our full potential within the human experience.

There are thousands of different methods and paths available today for self-improvement. What is special about the Isha System?

It’s simple and very fast. Also, it doesn’t only give you an experience whilst you are practicing it: it helps you take that experience out into your daily life. Once we stabilize love-consciousness, it is a permanent experience. It’s something very concrete and very real.

Additionally, there are no physical limitations to who can practice this; if they have the capacity to think, they can do the system. It also entails no belief system, and can be practiced by anyone of any religion.

Your life has been extremely varied. What inspired you to become a spiritual leader?

I had no intention of becoming a spiritual leader! However, I always had a strong intuitive awareness that there was something more. My life was full of very contrasting career choices, and I was always very successful. Then, two years before awakening, I began hearing a voice in my head, telling me that it was time to wake up. At the time, I had no idea what it meant!

Once you become consciousness, you realize that you are one with everything. When this happens, to talk about truth and love is the only passion that the heart contains. It’s natural to want to elevate every aspect of humanity, because the nature of consciousness is to give.

How can humanity learn to love themselves?

By doing the Isha system! Due to the false beliefs created by society and the matrix of the intellect, we all have the idea that there is something fundamentally wrong with us, as if we were in some way broken or incomplete. In my experience, the truth is, we are all unique and perfect exactly as we are. Our variances and contrasts are what create the beauty of the human experience. But we do not perceive that. We compare, judge and criticize ourselves constantly, and needless to say this self-criticism extends to all our surroundings. We often find ourselves waiting passively for some outside influence to bring us love; to change the discontent we perceive within the world. We feel like victims to our own creation.

When humans choose to take responsibility for their own happiness, their own self worth, their own peace, their own choices, this ultimate responsibility allows us to start loving ourselves. We start removing our feeble social masks, we stop hiding behind a barrage of lies in order to receive approval on the outside, and we allow the true essence of who we are to shine. The things that vibrate on a low frequency, based in fear, disillusionment and resentment, start to heal themselves naturally as we focus more and more on love-consciousness. Only by achieving unconditional love of self can we truly love others unconditionally. Ultimately, the responsibility lies in the hands of each individual, and that is what my system proposes: a recipe to love yourself.

How do you perceive the modern world?

I perceive it as fabulous. I see the level of consciousness and awareness rising more and more in every moment. I don’t perceive something as “wrong”; I perceive an illusion of duality, and this duality lives in our choices. I choose for the love or I choose for the fear. As we choose more for the love, the things that we perceive as wrong in the world, such as starvation, injustice, abuse and environmental neglect, start to fall away naturally.

Is humanity ready for a change?

Humanity is more than ready, in fact it’s screaming for a change! It amazes me over the last ten years how dramatically the numbers of people looking for consciousness, looking to find inner fulfillment, looking to change their realities - from all different walks of life - has multiplied. I share these teachings with politicians, actors, housewives, businesspeople; I take this system into prisons, hospitals and children’s homes. In Colombia, I have taught ex guerilla soldiers, paramilitary groups and anti narcotic police forces; I have taught priests, rabbis and nuns. The thirst for change in the world is found everywhere, because all humans are exactly the same. We all want the same thing. We all want to remember who we are. We all want to come home to the love.

What do you think is the cause of the dissatisfaction we experience as a race?

The human race is dissatisfied because it is trying to fill something real with something illusory. We are focused outward, on a future moment, waiting for the world to deliver to us - like a knight in shining armor - the answers to all our problems. We think that if we change the government, if we have more success, if we have more money, if we have more equality, if we have more justice, if we have more beauty, if we have more youth, if we have more, more - more of something in a future moment - then we will be happy. But the illusory carrot of future fulfillment will never complete the human heart. The human heart can only be fulfilled with love and joy, in this moment, because this moment is the only thing that is real. So we plan our futures, but we come back into the present moment, and we focus on the beauty that is here, now. We embrace the perfection that is here, now, instead of regretting the past and dragging our fear based belief systems into an already unimaginable future. Then we can enjoy our loved ones, our acquisitions our successes, our creations, fully, in each moment.

You have taken your message to high security prisons and ex guerilla soldiers. What was that experience like?

For me, it was an extraordinary experience, because I find all of these people to be so sensitive, so beautiful, and so open. They seriously want to change. They weren’t told to come to my courses; they came out of choice. Within the confines of our normal lives, we are very comfortable in our push button worlds, but when your life leads you to such an extreme stage as to be incarcerated, and the future looks like an endless tunnel of more of the same, the desire to change is enormous. I have found they are very open to embracing a different reality.

You say that you live without fear. What does that mean?

I know the truth of who I am. I know that I am love, and I am eternally love. I know that I am the totality, and I have no fear of not existing. I know I create everything in every moment, so I surrender and embrace my creations from a place of joy. I don’t live in constant fear of the future. I experience a peace and joy that overshadows the conflicts of the matrix, and I find myself eternally surrounded by love. I am surrendered to this present moment. Within this experience, fear becomes a distant illusion. This is not an unattainable experience; this is the experience I want all humans to have.

You teach self-love. Isn’t that egotistical? What about loving others?

Without the capacity to love myself, I do not know love. And if I don’t know love, I cannot extend it to others. I’m not talking about the conditional love that is based on needs and demands from the outside, but an unconditional love that gives without expectations and allows each person to find their own greatness.

What tips would you give to someone who wants to find peace within the stressful challenges of modern life?

Learn the Isha system! Try and live more in the present moment; when you see your mind racing towards the future or regretting the past, to come back to the here and now. To be focused on appreciation and gratitude, instead of constantly focusing on what’s wrong and what’s missing.

How has consciousness changed your life?

The person that I used to be no longer exists. There is no aspect of my life that hasn’t changed. I live in joy and abundance, surrendered to my creations in every moment. I wake up happy for no apparent reason, whereas before my happiness always depended on external circumstances. I am surrounded by a multitude of incredible people who are also focused on consciousness and giving love to the world. I live without fear, I trust myself implicitly; I am no longer a slave of my addictions and the suffering they used to bring.

Horses have played a prominent role in your life. What is your relationship with them?

I was a professional racehorse trainer for 16 years. Just recently I have started racing again: this time with Arabian endurance horses. I am passionate about equines; their graceful presence represents for me the ultimate expression of beauty. I love their strength and vulnerability, their phenomenal power and acceleration, and the exhilarating feeling of freedom when you are racing with the wind on an endless beach. I love the union of being at one with them, riding for endless kilometers in endurance races; these extreme sports test both the horse and rider to the limit.

To wake up in the morning and look out at these beautiful animals has fascinated me ever since I was a child.




Why Walk When You Can Fly?
November 15, 2008 • Personal Growth/Psychology • Trade Paper • 152 pages
Price: $14.95 • ISBN 978-1-57731-637-4