Enrichment.com Enthusiastically Supports The Tony Blair Faith Foundation

One of the cornerstones of the mission of Enrichment.com is to encourage dialogue between the great religions and cultures of the world. In 1990, when the vision of this site was first put on paper, what came through was that as the world undergoes globalization through technology, and as peoples and ideas would of necessity converge through the instruments of communication heightened by technology, that it would be vital for true mutual understanding and empathy to be fostered between peoples of different faiths and cultures. From the dialogue that convergence can encourage, a new opportunity and hope emerges on our planet enabling people of goodwill to find common ground - to realize that which unites rather than that which divides.

The Tony Blair Faith Foundation reflects this vision, and Enrichment.com wishes to enthusiastically support the former Prime Minister's great new humanitarian enterprise, and all of its various activities guided by this overarching spirit. - [Mike Schwager, Editor-in-Chief].

Perhaps you can begin by reading and listening to the speech given by Mr. Blair when he launched the foundation in May in New York. You'll also note on the site that Tony Blair has begun to teach a "Faith and Globalisation" course at Yale University. Here is Mr. Blair's speech explaining the mission and goals of his foundation: http://tonyblairfaithfoundation.org/2008/05/tony-blairs-speech-to-launch-t.html

We also encourage you to visit the Home Page of the former British Prime Minister's site: http://tonyblairfaithfoundation.org