Dr. Luise Light

The Fountain of Youth & Health

By Dr. Luise Light and Mary Sparrowdancer

While the USDA, the FDA, news media and nearly all of “modern medicine” promote vaccines, chemicals, surgery and radiation as the “accepted” way of dealing with the growing number of illnesses and symptoms prevalent in the US, it now appears that magnesium may be the miraculous, essential mineral that has been kept hidden from us for about 100 years. 

Food, Hormones, and Lifestyle

By Dr. Luise Light, M.S., Ed.D.

This article appears on www.TheMenopauseAdvisor.com

Imbalances in the way we live and what we eat combine with our genetics to determine how quickly and “ugly” we will age, and whether we will become ill with one of the common chronic diseases of aging.

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