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Sir John M. Templeton, Philanthropist, Dies at 95

Sir John M. Templeton

Sir John Templeton was one of the world's greatest investors and financiers. He came from a creative mindset, not a competitive mindset. He believed that the Universe was infinitely abundant, and in his investment strategies he encouraged investment in Third World countries that led to highly successful investment portfolios in the developing world. Sir John also believed that the stock market would ultimately go to one million, to the incredulity of those he shared this belief with. As an investor, when stocks fell sharply, Sir John bought.

Inspirational Stories : Whoopi Goldberg, Survivor Personified

By Ellesse Chow

I know a lot of you may have seen Whoopi Goldberg’s movies, but do you know what she went through before becoming a famous actress, show host, author etc etc?

Let this story reveal the journey of a survivor. A real survivor that stands true to the test of life.

No Limitations Please

As a young girl, Whoopi Goldberg knew no limitations. All thanks to her mother.

Jennifer Aniston's Acting Coach on What's Missing in Acting

Face It. It's Not About Talent

By Anthony Abeson Sunday, June 8, 2008; Page B02, The Washington Post

"Artists are the antennae of the race," Ezra Pound once said. He was referring to the way that turbulence in the arts -- the rise of dissonance in music or distortion in painting -- has often preceded and presaged major upheavals in society. But today, that dynamic has been reversed. Instead of artists reflecting what's about to befall the people, it's the people who reflect what has already befallen the artists.

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